Jullean W.   May 2020

Jullean, who prefers to be called 'Jules' recently moved into her own NDIS supported SIL accommodation, and loves living in her own home, as she can now have her pets (her dog and cat) with her; she enjoys having the Breakaway support staff to help her do the things she can't do on her own, and also loves going out into her local community  and participating in outdoor activities.

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Michael D.     May 2020

Michael is currently enjoying the use of the Short Term Accommodation facility at Breakaway, and was keen to engage in a short Q&A about his use of the services.


Q1. What do you like about the Service you are receiving at Breakaway?

A. Staff are friendly, I receive my medication on time, the meals are good, and the house is neat and tidy.


Q2. How do you feel when you receive a service from Breakaway?

A. Pretty good!


Q3. How do you find interactions with staff from Breakaway?

A. Good! Staff are friendly, easy to talk to and always willing to have a chat.


Michael is currently is awaiting his SIL accommodation to be ready, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with him, to provide great service and support.

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Rodney S

Rodney S.     May 2020

Q1. What you like about the service you are receiving at Breakaway?


Everything.  Since living in my own home with 2 other housemates  I feel much more happy and independent.  I have even started a new Communal Garden for everyone at Breakaway.  We are Growing Tomatoes, Beans, Zucchini lots of Herbs and flowers.


Q2. How do you feel when you receive service  and support from Breakaway?


Happy because they let me be in charge of creating the communal gardens and I am also the DJ for Events at Breakaway like the Christmas Partys and Boogies and Bangers on Wednesdays.

Q3. How do you find interactions with Staff at Breakaway?


Good, because I know that you guys are really good people and because I  have known everyone for a long time. I am Friends with a lot of people in the breakaway community. Its easy to talk to the staff  and  they listen to my ideas of what  I want to do.

breakaway mini flower garden
breakaway herb garden2
breakaway herb garden
rodney s
rodney s.
Rodney S.

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