Breakaway Inc Short-Term Accommodation House

open 24 hours per day for 47 weeks per year, (excluding public holidays).

Short Term Accommodation & Emergency Respite Services

16 Buckingham Street, Margate Qld 4019


Breakaway offers people with disabilities the opportunity to experience some time away from family….and some time to make new friends. Most of all, we support families to enhance their lifestyle by supporting the whole family unit. We encourage families who wish to discuss co-created housing opportunities, in-home support and other arrangements that best suit personal needs, to get in contact.

To access our Respite House, people with disability must live in the family home and be over 18 years of age.

The Respite House is open 24 hours per day for 47 weeks per year (excluding public holidays). Each year, Breakaway can provide 36 days of centre-based overnight respite per guest.

We provide care by trained support staff, meeting the needs of each person in a way which respects his/her individuality.

Care is taken to ensure that daily routines are adhered to as closely as possible so that schooling, work and recreation are continued without interruption.

The Breakaway Respite House has:

  • 4 bedrooms, each with fully adjustable beds

  • 2 bathrooms, one of which is fully wheel-chair accessible, with separate toilet

  • Kitchen

  • Lounge and family room

  • Outdoor area with seating and a BBQ

  • Vehicles for community access

  • 7 seater outdoor heated spa

  • 2 staff rostered each night

  • Lifting devices

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Breakaway Respite Mother's day decor
decor for mother's day lunch
at the bowling alley
a day out at the beach
enjoying a great meal together
at the bowling centre
Enjoying the spa!
enjoying the spa!
our little garden
window garden area
Breakaway inc Respite accomm
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Mother's Day refreshments
Mother's Day lunch & refreshments
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