Spring Edition - Sept Qtr Newsletter Summary 2019

Welcome to our September newsletter, from Service Manager Frank Estevao...

It has been a very interesting and productive few months. I have not once had a boring day, and the human interaction I have both observed and been a part of is, worthy of a novel or TV mini-series.

To all readers, I can promise you there has been passion aplenty from all workers in our/your amazing family we call Breakaway.

It literally has brought a tear to my eye listening to workers team up to battle with rostering and other challenges.

Our successes to-date this year include:

First and foremost, surviving and thriving while we had to negotiate the end of DSQ funding while we moved into the NDIS system where we are paid only weeks after services rendered.

Another highlight has been the wonderful new Direct Support Workers that have joined us, after families and other agencies snapped up our workers. Thank you to all the new workers for all your energy and emotional intelligence whilst you dealt with the challenges loaded onto you in this family-oriented business.

Thank you also and the more experienced staff who supported them at the various battle-fronts. To support all workers we will continue with our annual essential practices and other training towards the end of the year and into a promising 2020.

Thanks to organising staff and colleagues/team members stepping in on the day, we also had 3 social highlights, namely the Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day luncheons at our Short-term Accommodation house in Buckingham Street.

In between those successful events, was the even more successful outing and fundraiser at the North Lakes Sports Club, our annual Cent Auction. We raised over $2,000.00 to pay towards musical and arts-and-crafts activities for vulnerable but lively and goal-oriented clients and guests.

For further information on this and anything else please 3883 1099, or e-mail info@breakawayinc.org.au

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