Breakaway Inc News & Reviews | Spring 2020

Welcome to the last quarter of 2020. To all our current clients, families and interested parties, our new clients and those returning after an absence, our thanks for your support during what has been a very different look over the past months.

When reflecting on the year it has indeed had challenges, but with that, many positives and here at Breakaway Inc it has been one of growth and positive engagement.

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COVID-19 Update

At Breakaway Inc we value the ongoing health and wellbeing of all our clients, staff and stakeholders. We continue to keep updated on requirements and implement advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and Queensland Health.

This has led to some changes in the way our staff provide support and information. These changes have been implemented to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Holiday Season Planning

As the festive season approaches our team are making plans to support our clients/loved ones who will be joining us over December/January.

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