Breakaway Inc News & Reviews | Spring 2020

Welcome to the last quarter of 2020. To all our current clients, families and interested parties, our new clients and those returning after an absence, our thanks for your support during what has been a very different look over the past months.

When reflecting on the year it has indeed had challenges, but with that, many positives and here at Breakaway Inc it has been one of growth and positive engagement.

*Image disclaimer - all images are copyrighted to Breakaway Inc. Reproductions are not authorised.

COVID-19 Update

At Breakaway Inc we value the ongoing health and wellbeing of all our clients, staff and stakeholders. We continue to keep updated on requirements and implement advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and Queensland Health.

This has led to some changes in the way our staff provide support and information. These changes have been implemented to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Holiday Season Planning

As the festive season approaches our team are making plans to support our clients/loved ones who will be joining us over December/January.

Is there something Breakaway Inc can help you with?

Please call us on 3883 1099 to discuss.

Have you booked your short-term accommodation? If not please contact Virginia and her team at Buckingham Street on 07 3284 2271

Does Breakaway Inc provide Community Access to you or your family member?

If you wish to make any changes to usual services during the December/January period, please get in touch with Claire Pavailler on 0410 218 773.

Breakaway Community Activities

With loosening of COVID-19 restrictions we have been able to restart a couple of our regular social activities.

Boogie & Bangers

Held every Wednesday 10.30am till 1pm at John Naumann Hall, Deception Day.

BBQ in the Park

This monthly event recommenced Friday 30th October here at Bell Street.  

Our Community Projects Service Leader, Kate and Breakaway client Rodney have been very busy working with Moreton Bay Council making plans for an exciting new Breakaway community project. 

In the coming months we will be transforming the unused green area next to our office into a vibrant native garden and multi use space.

  It was great for Breakaway staff to engage with clients and local residents and build a meaningful relationship with our local community.  

Next BBQ in the park will be on Friday 27th November, location TBA!

NDIS Audit

Many of you will be aware our regular NDIS audit has been impacted by COVID-19. Sam Lovett has been working closely with NDIS to have the information ready for the site audits.

Thanks to those clients who volunteered to be involved in the audit, this is a requirement of the audit, but also a particularly important feedback tool for us.

We hope to have the date for site audits before the end of the year. If you wish to participate in the audit process but haven't returned your form yet, can you please contact Sam at the office.

Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Our team at Buckingham Street have been busy and it is great to see so many clients enjoying their stays.

At our short-term accommodation, we provide care by trained support staff, meeting the needs of each person in a way which respects his/her individuality. Care is taken to ensure that daily routines are adhered to as closely as possible so that schooling, work, and recreation are continued without interruption.

The Breakaway Respite House has:

  • 4 bedrooms, each with fully adjustable beds

  • 2 bathrooms, one of which is fully wheel-chair accessible, with separate toilet

  • Kitchen

  • Lounge and family room

  • Outdoor area with seating and a BBQ

  • Vehicles for community access

  • 7-seater outdoor heated spa

  • 2 staff rostered each night

  • Lifting devices

If you would like to find out more about what options are available and book your next stay, please contact Virginia, on 07 3284 2271.

Garden Fever 

Garden Fever has been rife at our Deception Bay SIL houses. Our intrepid Community Projects Service Leader, Kate, has been working with our clients to create gardens they can use in their kitchens.

Matthew and Kate spent some time watering Matthew's new food garden and the freshly trimmed and mulched hedge.

Mia has also been working in her home garden helping with planting, mulching and watering.

Adam and Suli worked in both Deception Bay houses in September carrying bags of trimmings to the ute to go to the dump. Adam also watered without any prompting. He and Mia have been eating the lettuce and using the herbs in their lunches and dinners. We now have 2 very healthy vegetable and herb gardens in both Deception Bay houses.

Who’s Who at Bell Street?

The team at Bell Street work in the background to coordinate all Breakaway's services. The team are: Denise Upshall, Chief Operating Officer Denise oversees the whole organisation. Denise can be found speaking with clients, meeting with stakeholders, assisting support workers to consider ways to best support clients or working with the Management Committee. Denise brings a wealth of health and disability sector experience and provides a steady oversight of all activities. Samantha (Sam) Lovett, Quality & Safety Manager Sam's key activities this year have been to work with the National Safety and Quality Commission on the routine audit of Breakaway Inc; Sam is also the first point of call for the NDIS and the Commission if they have any questions about Breakaway Inc activities. Kayla Eaton, Staff Development Officer / NDIS Compliance All staff know Kayla, she is the go to for all human resources and organises and runs training to make sure staff are appropriately able to complete their roles. Kayla also has oversight of our Buckingham Street Short Term Accommodation. Angela Hughes, NDIS Officer / NDIS Compliance Angela focuses on our client documentation, and supporting the team invoicing and managing the plans. This is a behind the scenes role with lots of paperwork. Amoy Hines, Systems & Communication Coordinator Seen us on Facebook or called us on the telephone? That wouldn't be possible without Amoy, she is our behind the scenes technical support and our key contact for social media.

Chris Tulloch, Workplace Health and Safety Officer This is a new position to support the growing compliance across WHS, providing risk assessments for activities and houses, regular compliance activities including fire safety. Chris is relishing the change from DSW to supporting the whole enterprise. Helen Jimmieson, Administration Officer Helen will be the person you speak to if you call us. A friendly welcome either face to face or by phone,

Finance Team

Rita Agenbag, Management Accountant Elena Shlykova, Finance Manager Rita and Elena make sure that both the bills are paid and the invoices are sent. They do much more than this working closely with NDIS and all client program managers to support our clients.

Client Service Team

Joe Presedo, Client Service Manager Claire Pavailler, Service Leader - Community Access Kate Miller, Service Leader - Community Projects

This team support all Community Access Programs/Projects - hopefully everyone knows about Boogie & Bangers. Joe is a key contact for potential, new and existing clients.

Anyone wanting to consider a program of support? With him Claire supports clients and the staff to support our community access clients.

Kate supports our activities including the community garden at Bell Street and the beautification and safety of our gardens, including working with our SIL clients on their herb and vegetable gardens across each of our houses.

Next time...

In our next edition we will introduce our client support teams who work directly with you, our clients. What Does Breakaway Inc Provide - Our Services:

Breakaway Inc is an approved NDIS provider offering services to both the Greater Brisbane and Moreton Bay Regions. We can assist with the following:

  • Development of Life skills

  • Supported Independent Living

  • Community participation

  • Transport

  • Personal Care

  • In Home Support

  • Household tasks

  • Short Term Accommodation (respite)

  • Medium Term Accommodation (transition to supported independent living)

We live by our motto:

Find a Way, Make a Way, There is a Way.

Contact us to see how we can assist you or your loved ones. We hope you found this informative and interesting. Look out for the next one in January 2021. Denise Upshall and the Breakaway Inc Team (07) 3883 1099